Royal Worcester Corset Invoice ~ Free Vintage Image

by Julie J on September 11, 2014

Here is a vintage invoice for a purchase of ½ dozen style 548 corsets on May 11, 1918. The purchase was made by Rosa A Agostini from the Royal Worcester Corset Co. In addition to Royal Worcester Corsets, the company also sold Bon Ton Corsets and Adjusto Corsets. Click on image to enlarge. Related posts: Royal Worcester […]


French Pyrography Booklet Cover ~ Free Image

by Julie J on September 7, 2014

Here is an aged and shabby cover of a French pyrography booklet that was published in Paris in 1902. The text on the page is: TRAITE ELEMENTAIRE DE PYROGRAPHIE DESSIN AU FEU Decoration artistique du Bois, de l’Os, de l’Ivoire, du Cuir, du Velours, etc. Sixieme Mille LEFRANC & CIE EDITEURS 18, rue de Valois (1er Arr.) […]


Victorian Calling Card ~ Free Vintage Image

by Julie J on September 1, 2014

This lovely Victorian calling card includes an illustration of a hand holding a small cluster of flowers. There are two messages on the card. They are: Without friends the world is but a wilderness, and: Bright be the skies above thee And green the earth beneath. Mayst thou have friends to love thee And sorrow […]


Antique French Receipt ~ Free Image

by Julie J on August 20, 2014

Here is a wonderfully aged and shabby vintage French receipt prepared by the company Deliquet, Belloy & Cie. The receipt is date stamped August 1914. Way back then, telephone numbers were easy to remember. The phone number for this company was simply 25.Click on image to enlarge. Related posts: Free Vintage Image ~ Worn and Aged Telephone List Free Vintage […]


Here is an aged and shabby vintage magazine article that describes methods of measuring for sewing patterns. The illustration is from the May 1904 issue of The Delineator magazine. Click on image to enlarge. Related posts: Free Vintage Image ~ Kenwood Sewing Machine Ad and Clip Art Free Vintage Image ~ Hanging Sewing Box Free Vintage Image ~ Sewing Set Clip […]


Vintage Business Postcards ~ Free Graphics

by Julie J on July 28, 2014

Here are two vintage business postcards dated July 29, 1879 and October 27, 1879. An advertisement in the upper left corner of the back of each postcard reads, “Gleanings in Bee Culture, monthly, $1.00 per year, Sample copy free – A I. Root.” Another bit of advertising on the bottom of the back of the […]


Here is a vintage French seed label that features a lovely illustration of purple and yellow pansies. The description on the label is: Pensee Anglaise a Grande Fleur Variee. This type of vintage seed label would have been pasted on a seed packet or jar of seeds for retail sale. Click on image to enlarge. […]

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Here is a vintage seed packet for Kale. The front of the package includes an illustration of a head of kale with a field of kale in the background.  This vintage envelope for kale seeds was printed for the Card Seed Co. The back of the The back of the packet gives suggestions for planting and care of […]


Vintage Fish Invoice – Free Digital Image

by Julie J on July 24, 2014

This unique vintage invoice includes some great typography on the left, with a bunch of wheat in the background. On the right is an image of a lake and mountain scene with a fish in the foreground. The date in the upper right corner is 189___ but the invoice has not been used. Click on image […]


This vintage catalogue page features a variety of beauty and hair supplies. Most of the products are for women; a few are for men. The items listed on the page are: Face Powder and Talcum Holder, Fancy Glass Puff Box, Decorated Glass Puff Box, Elite Powder Leaves for the Complexion, Pocket Book Toilet Case, Handy Toilet Box, […]