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Within Reach

This adorable vintage clip art illustration features a young Victorian girl reaching for a treat from a table that is set for a tea party or lunch. I think the little girl is planning to share with her cat because she has placed one of the small plates on the floor beside him. The cat…

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Daisy Flower Child by Elizabeth Gordon

Here is a shabby vintage storybook page that includes an illustration of an adorable Daisy flower child. The page also includes the following short poem: LITTLE golden-hearted Daisy Told the sun that she felt lazy; Said the earth was quite too wet, She thought she wouldn’t open yet. Here is a cleaner version of the…

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Flowers and Leaves Embroidery Pattern

This lovely vintage embroidery design consists of a pattern of flowers and leaves within a swirly frame. The image is from the October 1897 issue of The Delineator magazine. Click on image to enlarge. Related posts: Berries and Bows Victorian Embroidery Picture Frame ~ Free Clip Art Poinsettia Stencil ~ Free Vintage Clip Art Study of Roses…

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Dalmatian Dog Illustration

This vintage illustration by Louis Agassiz Fuertes features an illustration of a Dalmatian. This beautiful dog, with black spots on a white coat, is standing at attention beside two red wagon wheels. The image is from The Book of Dogs, 1919. Click on image to enlarge. Related posts: Pointer Dogs ~ Free Vintage Illustration Anatomical Chart of…

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Strawberry and Blackberry Plants

Here are two full pages from a vintage gardening catalog that feature detailed information and prices for a variety of strawberry and blackberry plants. Also included on the pages are two illustrations of strawberries and one illustration of blackberries. Here are black and white clip art versions of each of the illustrations. My original scans…

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Pink Rose Vintage Birthday Postcard

This beautiful vintage birthday postcard features a pink rose facing downward. The tips of the rose are immersed in water. The message on the postcard is: Birthday Greetings. For additional creative options, here is a version of the postcard without the birthday message. Click on images to enlarge. Related posts: Pink Rose Birthday Greetings ~…

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