This vintage catalogue page features two old-fashioned couches. The style illustrated at the top of the page is a Quarter-Sawed Oak Couch; the style illustrated at the bottom of the page is a Fabricord Leather Couch. The page is from the Universal Home Furnishers catalogue published by the Spiegel May Stern Co. in 1908. Here are black and white versions of the […]


This vintage catalogue page features a variety of beauty and hair supplies. Most of the products are for women; a few are for men. The items listed on the page are: Face Powder and Talcum Holder, Fancy Glass Puff Box, Decorated Glass Puff Box, Elite Powder Leaves for the Complexion, Pocket Book Toilet Case, Handy Toilet Box, […]


The front of this oval shaped Victorian advertising card for Sohmer pianos features a head and shoulders illustration of a beautiful Victorian lady dressed in blue. Her hair is adorned with pink flowers and a yellow headband with green jewels. She is also wearing a necklace with green jewels. A frame of flowers surrounds the image […]


This old magazine advertisement features a Hammond No. 2 Typewriter. The ad claims that the Hammond No. 2 writes in a straight line with uniform type impression, doing automatically what an experienced operator cannot accomplish on other machines. It offers the choice of 42 type styles and writes 14 languages with changes from one type […]


This vintage magazine advertisement for Rock Island-Frisco Lines claims you can travel to Switzerland in a night. Well, not really, “but you can leave Chicago or St. Louis today and be in the Colorado Rockies tomorrow long before dinner. You can take the Rock Island to the Rockies, the only line with direct service to […]


The front of this Victorian advertising card for Lautz Soaps features a boy about to ride his bicycle. The handlebars of the bike sit almost as high as the boy is tall. The writing on the bottom of the front of the card is: Use Lautz Bros. & Co’s Soaps, Best in the Market. I love […]


Here is a vintage magazine advertisement for Bowker Fertilizer Co. The ad claims their product, Stockbridge Manures, wins over all other fertilizers, producing a yield larger than any other grown upon fertilizer or manure, either alone or combined. The ad includes an image of potatoes spilling out from a basket that has been turned on […]

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Here is a fun vintage magazine advertisement for a Columbia bicycle. The ad claims the bicycle is easy to learn to ride and that an ordinary rider can go more miles in a day over common roads than a horse. Great images for your steampunk or mixed media projects! I scanned the original ad from […]


This vintage catalogue advertisement includes an outdoor image of a wedge tent tied with a rope to two tall trees. The ad pitches these features: No poles required. Easy to carry about and can be stretched up between two trees or forked sticks. The tent was available in three sizes at prices ranging from $6.05 – $8.96. The ad […]


This vintage catalogue advertisement features an assortment of kitchen stoveware. Some items included in the collection are: a tin copper bottom wash boiler, kettle, teakettle, coffeepot, teapot, basting spoon, stove shovel, muffin pan, pie plates, bread pans, cake pans, rolling pin, colander, biscuit cutter, doughnut cutter, nutmeg grater, flour sifter, egg beater, dust pan, butcher knife, paring […]