THE TEA PARTY. IN the pleasant green Garden We sat down to tea; “Do you take sugar?” and “Do you take milk?” She’d got a new gown on – A smart one of silk. We all were as happy As happy could be, On that bright Summer’s day When she asked us to tea.This vintage […]


Winter-Time ~ Free Vintage Poem and Clip Art

by Julie J on March 19, 2014

I have another image in mind to post later this afternoon or early evening but I’ve had this poem, Winter-Time, saved to my computer for a few months and I want to delete my draft version. Although it’s not necessarily in season with tomorrow being the first day of spring, I thought I would post it for […]


TO THE SUN DOOR. THEY saw it rise in the morning, They saw it set at night, And they longed to go and see it. Ah! if they only might. The little soft white clouds heard them, And stepped from out of the blue; And each laid a little child softly Upon its bosom of […]


IN AN APPLE TREE. IN September, when the apples are red, To Belinda I said, “Would you like to go away To Heaven, or stay Here in this orchard full of trees All your life?” And she said, “If you please I’ll stay here – where I know, And the flowers grow.”This vintage storybook image […]


Puppy in Wooden Tub ~ Free Vintage Image

by Julie J on February 16, 2014

This adorable brown puppy is about to get a bath in an old-fashioned, small wooden tub that has been placed on a short stool. The image is from A Summer at Grandma’s, published by Homewood Publishing Company in 1902. Click on image to enlarge. Related posts: Cute White Puppy Vintage Image Wooden Wheelbarrow Vintage Illustration […]

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TIP-A-TOE TIP-A-TOE, See them go; One, two, three – Chloe, Prue, and me; Up and down, To the Town, A Lord was there, And the Lady fair. And what did they sing? Oh, “Ring-a-ding-ding;” And the Black Crow flew off With the Lady’s Ring. This vintage storybook image and poem, Tip-A-Toe, is from Marigold Garden by Kate Greenaway, circa 1892. […]


SUSAN BLUE OH, Susan Blue, How do you do? Please may I go for a walk with you? Where shall we go? Oh, I know – Down in the meadow where the cowslips grow! This vintage storybook image and poem, Susan Blue, is from Marigold Garden by Kate Greenaway, circa 1892. Click on image to enlarge. Related posts: Kate Greenaway […]


THE LITTLE JUMPING GIRLS JUMP-jump-jump- Jump away From this town into The next, to-day. Jump-jump-jump Jump over the moon; Jump all the morning, And all the noon.This vintage storybook image and poem, The Little Jumping Girls, is from Marigold Garden by Kate Greenaway, circa 1892. Click on image to enlarge. Related posts: Kate Greenaway Blue Shoes ~ Free […]


BLUE SHOES LITTLE Blue Shoes Mustn’t go Very far alone, you know. Else she’ll fall down, Or, lose her way; Fancy – what Would mamma say? Better put her little hand Under sister’s wise command. When she’s a little older grown Blue Shoes may go quite alone. This vintage storybook image and poem, Blue Shoes, is […]


Vintage Tea Party ~ Kate Greenaway Illustration

by Julie J on October 18, 2013

“You see, merry Phillis, that dear little maid, Has invited Belinda to tea; Her nice little garden is shaded by trees- What pleasanter place could there be? There’s a cake full of plums, there are strawberries too, And the table is set on the green; I’m fond of a carpet all daisies and grass- Could […]