Alice in Wonderland ~ Vintage Storybook Image

by Julie J on August 31, 2014

ALICE IN WONDERLAND Quaint Alice trailed the rabbit, dressed So strangely in a coat and vest And at the bottom of the hole, Had many more adventures droll; By tasting “Drink Me” she grew smaller, By sipping something else, was taller; She met the Duchess, Cheshire Cat, The Mad March Hare and folk like that, […]


Going to See Grandmamma by Kate Greenaway

by Julie J on August 30, 2014

GOING TO SEE GRANDMAMMA. LITTLE Molly and Damon Are walking so far, For they’re going to see Their kind Grandmamma. And they very well know, When they get there she’ll take From out of her cupboard Some very nice cake. And into her garden They know they may run, And pick some red currants, And […]


Whimsical Storybook Pig ~ Free Vintage Clip Art

by Julie J on August 29, 2014

Here is a whimsical vintage illustration of a storybook pig. The illustration includes the pig’s head and neck with a large ruffled collar around his neck. The image is from a storybook titled The Sunbeams and Me, by Helen Marion Burnside & Nesbit, Mary Dickens, M. A. Hoyer, and others, illustrated by Helen Jackson, Jane Willis Grey, Fanny […]


Little Buttercup ~ Free Storybook Image

by Julie J on August 25, 2014

Here is a shabby vintage storybook page that includes an adorable illustration of a yellow flower child named Buttercup. The page also includes a poem about the thirsty little Buttercup who catches dew and drinks it up. The page is from Flower Children, The Little Cousins of The Field and Garden by Elizabeth Gordon. The book was published […]


On The Wall Top 2 ~ Free Kate Greenaway Image

by Julie J on August 19, 2014

ON THE WALL TOP. SO high – so high on the wall we run, The nearer the sky – why, the nearer the sun. If you give me one penny, I’ll give you two, For that’s the way good neighbours do. This vintage storybook image and poem, On The Wall Top (spelling and grammar as it is […]

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On The Wall Top 1 ~ Free Kate Greenaway Image

by Julie J on August 18, 2014

ON THE WALL TOP. DANCING and prancing to town we go, On the top of the wall of the town we go. Shall we talk to the stars, or talk to the moon, Or run along home to our dinner so soon? This vintage storybook image and poem, On The Wall Top (spelling and grammar as it […]


Kate Greenaway Strawberries ~ Free Vintage Image

by Julie J on August 13, 2014

Here is a pretty illustration of three strawberries with vines and leaves attached. The image is from the Victorian children’s storybook A Day in a Child’s Life by Kate Greenaway, circa 1881. Click on image to enlarge. Related posts: Free Vintage Image ~ Victorian Girls by Kate Greenaway Kate Greenaway Sleeping Victorian Girl ~ Free Vintage Storybook […]


Under Rose Arches by Kate Greenaway

by Julie J on August 6, 2014

UNDER ROSE ARCHES. UNDER Rose Arches to Rose Town – Rose Town on the top of the hill; For the Summer wind blows and music goes, And the violins sound shrill. Oh Roses shall be for her carpet, And her curtains of Roses so fair; And a Rosy crown, while far adown Floats her long […]


This charming Kate Greenaway image features a mother walking with her baby girl. The mom is holding an open turquoise-colored umbrella above them with her right hand. She is cradling her baby in her left arm and the baby’s head is resting on mommy’s shoulder. The image is from Marigold Garden by Kate Greenaway, circa 1892. Click on image […]


MY LITTLE GIRLIE. LITTLE girlie tell to me What your wistful blue eyes see? Why you like to stand so high, Looking at the far-off sky. Does a tiny Fairy flit In the pretty blue of it? Or is it that you hope so soon To see the rising yellow Moon? Or is it – […]