Infant’s Wardrobe ~ Free Vintage Clip Art

by Julie J on November 13, 2014

Here is a vintage advertisement for the most complete infant’s wardrobe, 21 separate garments made by the Modes Fashion and Pattern Company. The regular retail price for the entire infant’s wardrobe was 75 cents but with the coupon attached to the ad, the wardrobe was available for 40 cents. I scanned the original ad from […]


Baby Carriages ~ Free Vintage Clip Art

by Julie J on November 2, 2014

Here are vintage catalogue listings for two styles of baby carriages. Each of the carriages is covered by a ruffled parasol. The ads are from the 1908  Spiegel May Stern Co. Universal Home Furnishers Catalogue. Here are black and white clip art versions of the baby carriages from the ads. Click on images to enlarge. […]


This vintage book page includes two poems: Lullaby by Alfred Tennyson and Rock me to Sleep, Mother by Florence Percy. There is also an illustration of a Victorian mother cradling her baby in a rocking chair beside an open window. It is evening and through the open window we can see a large full moon […]


On the center of this front cover of the August 1886 issue of Babyland magazine is an illustration of three girls playing a game. Two of the girls are holding up a branch of leaves and the third girl is dancing under the branch. There is a circle of figures, sketched in red, framing the girls […]


This vintage engraving features a young mother holding her baby on her lap. It appears that the baby is ready for bed and they are saying goodnight prayers together. The image is titled Young Motherhood. It’s from Gaskell’s Compendium of Forms Educational Social Legal and Commercial, 1880. Click on image to enlarge. Related posts: Free […]


This charming Kate Greenaway image features a mother walking with her baby girl. The mom is holding an open turquoise-colored umbrella above them with her right hand. She is cradling her baby in her left arm and the baby’s head is resting on mommy’s shoulder. The image is from Marigold Garden by Kate Greenaway, circa 1892. Click on image […]


This vintage image includes a Victorian mother lifting back the curtain from the side of her baby’s bassinet to look in on her baby. The baby is awake, with arms eagerly outstretched, anxious to be in mommy’s arms. The image is from Child Life, A First Reader, by Etta Austin Blaisdell and Mary Frances Blaisdell, 1902. Click on image […]


Here is a vintage children’s storybook image of a mother holding her precious little baby on her lap. In the story, this baby’s name is Little Bo-Peep. The mother’s name is Jill; she is the wife of Jack. The image is from Tom Tucker and Little Bo Peep, by Thomas Hood, illustrated by Alice Wheaton Adams, published in 1891. Click on image […]


Happy Baby Girl ~ Free Vintage Clip Art

by Julie J on July 7, 2014

Here is a vintage clip art image of a happy baby girl. She is wearing a pretty dress, bonnet and shoes. She is holding her doll in one hand and a flower in the other. There is a vase of flowers, with flowers spilling out from each vase, on each side of the little girl. […]


This Victorian trading card is an advertisement for Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup, an old remedy for children teething. The image on the front of the card features a happy mother holding a smiling baby. The back of the card includes advice for mothers in three languages and a calendar for 1888. Click on images to […]

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