Pink Peony Lady ~ Free Storybook Illustration

by Julie J on February 26, 2015

Here is a shabby vintage storybook page that includes an illustration of a charming pink peony lady. The page also includes the following short poem: PEONY’S a charming lady, She doesn’t like a spot too shady; Likes to live out in the light, Dressed in red or pink or white.Here is a cleaner version of […]


Old-Time Valentine ~ Free Poem and Clip Art

by Julie J on January 15, 2015

Here is a fun vintage valentine poem titled An Old-Time Valentine. The poem was written by Helen Gray Cone and published in the February 1891 issue of St. Nicholas magazine. An engraving of a man passing a valentine in an envelope to a Victorian maiden through a crack in an open door accompanies the poem. Here is […]


Caesar and Pompey ~ Free Vintage Clip Art

by Julie J on January 1, 2015

I love dogs and this vintage engraving of two adorable sleeping puppies just melts my heart! The puppies’ names are Casear and Pompey and the illustration was engraved for St. Nicholas magazine from a study by J. H. Dolph. Here is an accompanying poem titled Caesar and Pompey by Tudor Jenks. I scanned these pages […]


Alice in Wonderland ~ Vintage Storybook Image

by Julie J on August 31, 2014

ALICE IN WONDERLAND Quaint Alice trailed the rabbit, dressed So strangely in a coat and vest And at the bottom of the hole, Had many more adventures droll; By tasting “Drink Me” she grew smaller, By sipping something else, was taller; She met the Duchess, Cheshire Cat, The Mad March Hare and folk like that, […]


Little Buttercup ~ Free Storybook Image

by Julie J on August 25, 2014

Here is a shabby vintage storybook page that includes an adorable illustration of a yellow flower child named Buttercup. The page also includes a poem about the thirsty little Buttercup who catches dew and drinks it up. The page is from Flower Children, The Little Cousins of The Field and Garden by Elizabeth Gordon. The book was published […]


This vintage book page includes two poems: Lullaby by Alfred Tennyson and Rock me to Sleep, Mother by Florence Percy. There is also an illustration of a Victorian mother cradling her baby in a rocking chair beside an open window. It is evening and through the open window we can see a large full moon […]


The Liberty Bell by E. S. Brooks

by Julie J on July 4, 2014

THE LIBERTY BELL BY E. S. BROOKS. I – PHILADELPHIA, 1776. SQUARELY prim and stoutly built, Free from glitter and from gilt, Plain, – from lintel up to roof-tree and to belfry bare and brown – Stands the Hall that hot July, – While the folk throng anxious by, – Where the Continental Congress meets […]


Winter-Time ~ Free Vintage Poem and Clip Art

by Julie J on March 19, 2014

I have another image in mind to post later this afternoon or early evening but I’ve had this poem, Winter-Time, saved to my computer for a few months and I want to delete my draft version. Although it’s not necessarily in season with tomorrow being the first day of spring, I thought I would post it for […]


Free Vintage Illustrated Valentine Poem

by Julie J on February 11, 2014

Here is an illustrated vintage Valentine poem that is framed in a lovely ornate green design. The aged, yellowed page is from the book Beauties by Harrison Fisher, Verse by Carolyn Wells, Decorations by Theodore B. Hapgood, published in 1913. Click on image to enlarge. Related posts: Free Vintage Image ~ A Valentine To Say Hi! Free […]

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Free Vintage Poem and Clip Art Image ~ The Fire

by Julie J on December 17, 2013

The Fire is a poem written by Laura E. Richards. The accompanying illustration by Albertine Randall Wheelan features a cozy scene of a girl and boy, seated on cushions, in front of a fire in the fireplace. The scan is from the December 1898 issue of St. Nicholas magazine. Here is a black and white clip […]