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Here are two clip art illustrations that feature Victorian girls’ fashion for the summer of 1900. The first illustration is referred to as a Children’s Blouse Suit.A description from the magazine includes, “This natty little suit is stylishly and serviceably made of white serge trimmed with narrow blue braid and fancy buttons. The large sailor […]

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Here is a vintage French seed label that features a wonderful illustration of a bunch of red and white radishes. The description on the label is: Radis National. This type of vintage seed label would have been pasted on a seed packet or jar of seeds for retail sale. Click on image to enlarge. Related […]


Victorian Corsets ~ Free Vintage Clip Art

by Julie J on April 18, 2015

Here are two clip art images of Victorian corsets with the catalogue description for each. C. P. French Coutil Corset, long waist, drab or white, 18 to 30 inches, $1.50. C. P. Corset, Fine French Sateen, silk fanned, drab, white and black, 18 to 30 inches, $2.50. The images are from the H. O’Neill & […]


Here is a shabby vintage storybook page that includes an illustration of a pretty Ragged Robin flower child. The page also includes the following short poem: RAGGED ROBIN on a lark Stole inside of Central Park; There they treated her so well, She soon looked like a city Belle.Here is a cleaner version of the […]

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This vintage clip art illustration features a beautiful bird proudly perched on a branch of a lovely flowering plant. The image is from the January 1890 issue of lngalls’ Home Magazine. Click on image to enlarge. Related posts: Map of the Bird ~ Free Vintage Illustration Cedar Waxwing ~ Free Vintage Bird Clip Art An […]

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Here are four vintage cookbook pages that include several recipes for cake filling and frosting. Some of the recipes on the pages are: Peach Filling, Cream Filling for Cream Puffs, Tutti-Frutti Filling, Confectioner’s Icing, Marshmallow Icing, Maple Icing, Chocolate Fudge Frosting, Pineapple Frosting, Caramel Icing and Mocha Frosting. The final page includes an article titled […]


This vintage page illustrates three lovely young ladies modelling dresses sewn from patterns that were designed and sized for teenagers and small women – some of the latest styles for the spring of 1914. The page includes details such as: cost of the patterns, amounts of fabric to buy for each pattern as well as […]


This vintage illustration features a sailing ship on a sandy beach. A wooden bucket and partially buried anchor are at the edge of a small stream that runs through a low spot on the beach. A beautiful bluish green ocean is in the background.  The illustration is from Roses and Lilies from Longfellow, a book of […]


Here is a vintage engraving of a beautiful sailing ship named The Inconstant. The illustration is from the April 1872 issue of Harper’s New Monthly Magazine. Click on image to enlarge. Related posts: Vintage Sailing Ship ~ Free Clip Art Paddle Frigate Ship ~ Free Vintage Clip Art The Constitution Ship ~ Free Clip Art

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Small Country Cottage ~ Free Vintage Clip Art

by Julie J on April 11, 2015

This vintage illustration features a small country cottage that is surrounded by grasses, a purple and yellow bush and a pink flowering tree. A white fence is in the foreground and a colorful bird is in flight above the scene. The image is from Roses and Lilies from Longfellow, a book of poetry that was published […]