Santa Says Shhh Vintage Christmas Card

I love a good image of Santa and this is a great one! I think this greeting card is too wonderful not to share! I’ve removed the handwriting from the inside of the card but left the tape because aged tape like this can be a nice design feature.

Click on images to enlarge.


  1. Daniel Lillford says

    Very nice site. Thank you. Old Christmas cards are charming, unlike most of today’s dross. There is a market, I believe, in bringing back the charm and the warmth of a bygone Christmastime. The cards I recall as a child, and this was only in the 1960s, so not so long ago, were magical. Lots of glitter, better paper quality, and the designs were beautiful. They didn’t look mass-produced, even though I’m sure many were. And the box collections really were quite the assortment, even the boxes, of which I still have a few, were lovely. The top end Christmas cards were screen-printed. Now they were something else.
    Christmas wrapping paper was another thing of beauty. It’s always about quality. As Wilde rightly said: “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing”.

  2. Julie J says

    Thank you for your wonderful comments Daniel! I wholeheartedly agree and that quote by Wilde is one of my new favorites. I fully relate to those magical days you refer to and when I busy myself with these fabulous vintage items, I am immersed in that same old wonderful magic – and I love it!


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