Clapsaddle Good Wishes for Thanksgiving Day

I didn’t realize until two days ago, when my daughter and I were making plans for our next visit, that Thanksgiving is less than a month away! Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October, quite a bit earlier than our American neighbors, who celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November. Our Thanksgiving holiday often falls in the middle of October but this year it is on October 8th. We’ll celebrate with a big turkey dinner, with my children and grandchildren that are able to attend, on Sunday, October 7th. free vintage thanksgiving postcard, ellen clapsaddle vintage postcard, free digital image postcard, old fashioned thanksgiving image, free vintage clipart thanksgiving, fireplace scene, clapsaddle fireplace postcard, thanksgiving, fireplace, fire, chairs, dishes This is a Clapsaddle vintage postcard, wishing you Good Wishes for Thanksgiving Day. Click on image to enlarge.


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