Pretty Designs by Megan

I’ve recently discovered a new blog to add to my favourites. It’s named Lilac & Lavender and is hosted by a generous lady named Megan. Megan creates gorgeous works of digital art and gives them away – free! Megan recently used my vintage French postcard back in a couple of her designs and I just had to show you because they are so pretty!

Megan’s soft and feminine Queen of Blossoms gift tags:  Megan has created two pieces of lovely stationery that match the gift tags. This is one of the two: Megan’s gorgeous Belles Roses & Cartes Postales:  Megan also offers the extracted rose in PNG format:  Images are linked to Lilac & Lavender. I encourage you to visit Megan’s blog. I’m sure you’ll find many things to love!

My free vintage French postcard back:

is available free right here on my blog. Image is linked.


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