Vintage Watermelon Seed Packet

In Alberta, Canada, we won’t be planting vegetable gardens for another month or so but I’m sure some of you already have sprouts poking out of the ground (if not full grown plants). I don’t plant veggies but my clematis and peonies are beginning to show signs of life. It’s magical and I love them!

Roudabush’s Seed Store Watermelon packet, front:  and back:   Click on images to enlarge.


  1. says

    Hi Julie~ I copied these to use in something cute. I’ll send you pictures when I’m finished. I have a few other things to complete first so don’t think I’ve forgotten. Sometimes my ideas run much faster than my hands! Thanks for gifting these…you are so kind!

  2. Julie J says

    Hi Joyce,
    I’m looking forward to seeing your finished project! I can fully relate to the ideas running much faster than the hands!
    Take care,


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